Hidden Creek Country Club

Guidelines for Golf

  • All public play is allowed, golfers from surrounding states are now approved for play. 
  • The Golf Shop will be open for check in and merchandise purchasing. Please adhere to social distancing guidelines while inside. 
  • Remote and touchless check-in procedures will be utilized. Check in will be done inside the Golf Shop.
  • Golf bags should be brought by the player and not handled by anyone except the player.
  • Golfers are being asked to remove their own trash from the golf carts and dispose of it in the trashcans located around the building. Golf Carts are to be returned to the cart return area. Signage will direct you to cart return area. 
  • Personal clubs must be used; no rental sets or sharing of clubs is permitted.
  • Practice Putting Greens have been opened, as well as the Driving Range.
  • Double occupancy carts.
  • Signage will be prominently posted throughout the venue to ask customers about any COVID-19 symptoms (see Universal Guidance) OR close contact with a person suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 in the prior 14 days. If a person answers yes to any of these questions, customers should be asked to not put employees and other guests at risk and to come back another day when feeling better or off quarantine (due to close contact).  Any customer who thinks they are at risk, are asked to stay home for their own safety.
  • All customers and staff should be instructed to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from others (staff and other customers) at all times while playing and on the grounds.


All guidelines are taken from the CDC and Governor Sununu’s Stay At Home 2.0 order. Please assist us to adhere to the guidelines in place by following these requests.

Please Note:

Hidden Creek Country Club is a credit only facility


by Aug 16, 2019

Welcome to Hidden Creek

Great Golf Awaits

Hidden Creek is a beautifully manicured 9 hole golf course appealing to all levels of golfer. For a 9 hole course, it offers a broad range of play. The course eases you in and out with wide open par 4s. But what lies within is a wonderful mix of challenging terrain. Expect to see changes in elevation, double-doglegs, gullies, water, protected greens, and fairways lined with hundred-year-old trees that swallow less than accurate shots. These 9 holes will make you laugh and cry but not without leaving you looking forward to the next opportunity to play with what you’ve learned.

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Contact Information

17 Morgan Road

Litchfield, NH 03052

(603) 262-9272

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